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      About us

      About us

      and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ultralife Corporation.Ultralife China (ABLE) designs, manufactures, and markets a variety of non-rechargeable lithium-thionyl chloride batteries and lithium-manganese dioxide batteries, for a wide range of applications worldwide including utilities (intelligent me...

      Brand value

      State-level high-tech enterprises,
      Shenzhen high-tech enterprises.

      Industry status

      Global leader in advanced lithium battery technology,
      The world''s leading manufacturers of lithium batteries

      R & D capability

      The strength of the R & D team,
      A number of patented technologies.

      Service network

      Based on domestic and global

      Smart meter

      Products used for smart meter, etc.

      Battery: ER14250, CR123A, ER14505, ER34615 and so on

      Tracking and rescue

      Products used in things, supply chain system management, ETC highway access card,

      Smart tags, GPS tracking, life-saving lamps. Battery: Thin Cell®,

      ER14250, ER34615M and combinations

      Security area

      Products used in smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, heat detectors,

      Hand-held metal detectors, security systems; use of the battery: 9V, CR2,

      CR123A, CR17335SE, ER14250, ER14505, ER34615M

      Health Care

      Products used in portable and portable medical equipment, pharmaceutical analyzers, infusion pumps,

      Automatic surface defibrillator, remote patient tracking devices.
      Battery: 9V, Thin Cell®, CR123A, ER14505 and packs

      TECHniques Center

      TECHniques Center

      With the first-class products and engineering solutions, Ultralife is still the world to provide the most advanced battery equipment suppliers. The headquarters of Ultralife, the major manufacturing and research and development department in New York American Newark; there are three subsidiaries are: Abingdon Ultralife Batteries (UK) Ltd.; America Texas McDowell Research and China Shenzhen able new energy Co. ltd..

      High power battery products, global suppliers High power battery produ...

      Specializing in all kinds of high energy, high power battery products suppliers around the world. Ultralife development, manufacturing and selling all kinds of rechargeable and dont charge the battery... [Detailed]

      The main manufacturing and r&d department of New York in the United States The main manufacturing a...

      Ultralife headquarters and main manufacturing and research department, in New York in the United States; And three subsidiaries are: British abington Ultralife Batteries (UK) Ltd. Texas McDowell Resea... [Detailed]

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